Monday, May 11, 2009


As you know, we, the great citizens of our lovely community recently suffered the mysterious loss of our Main Street Chickens. Those chickens were a fixture in our community and as familiar as the wallpaper on the wall. We didn't mind slowing down to allow them to cross the street, little chicks in tow. But, tragically, they were, shall we say, eliminated. We grieved. Being the strong type of folks we are, we have, like the Phoenix, risen and with great pride now are pleased and gladdened by the impending renewel of our friendly flock, sponsored by a long-time neighbor and friend. As one noted resident remarked, It will be "The Changing of the Chickens in Chappell Hill".

Now, I have never as much even changed a diaper on a baby, but I can't help but stand up and admire anyone who is willing to change a chicken. One notable resident remarked that chickens are our friends. (Yeah, tell that to the poor bird before he goes into the oven). The resident also remarked that chickens are protectors against predators and will begin to crow loudly if enchroached upon thus sounding an alarm, of sorts. Could it be that this "predator" was not only demented but hard of hearing as well? Or perhaps the late chickens were familiar and did not regard this evil person or persons as intruding. At any rate, we thankfully will soon have a "CHANGING OF THE CHICKENS" with a tailored amount of pomp and circumstance that would please even the Queen of England.



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  1. I'm looking forward to the new regime & having the chickens back in town. Hopefully we can run the "predator" out of town & keep our adorable chickens around for many years to come!