Monday, July 6, 2009


As our Wonderful Village Respecting Chickens prepared for the festivities and parade down our metamorphasizing Main Street, I had a most unique vantage point, given my Most Powerful Political Position as D'Mayor.

First off, it was really hot (like ya'll need to be told that), and yet the organizers, vendors and friendly Bankers set about, tossing beads, making lemonade, coolers full of ice, local merchants quick with a smile and many of our fellow Villagers turned out with their lawn chairs and beared the heat in strong support.

Donned in my coveted cap, I toted a bucket of Jolly Ranchers and Dum-Dum suckers up "The Hill" to board the new fire truck.

Let me just say this; Those fine firemen DESERVE that new fire truck (except it doesn't have a music box), but as a community, those guys are often our first responders. They are skilled and fearless, true Patriots, and are pleased as punch with this new vessel. The navigator of this new engine had a gleam in his eye as we began to move in line. Much like Washington crossing the Potomac...only wrong time of year!

We were informed we could not toss the candy during the parade...apparently the children are want to jump in front of the fire truck to retrieve the sweets, thus creating potential liability. Unlike the big corporate moguls undaunted and and unafraid of throwing themselves at the ever increasing engine of the Guvment to pick up a few treats. Meanwhile, we hold our breathe, and hope noone get "squshed", 'specially the little ones. (Sound familiar?) My Dear Husband only had to go out and seek these Jolly Ranchers and Dum-Dums at the 11th hour! (Sound familiar?).

Moving through the motorcade, I spied many friends waving, cheering, waving flags; but mostly, I was moved by the young kids, sitting curbside, less affected by the heat than us, shall we say, more mature ones, with unjaded hope in their faces. That lifts me up.

What also lifts me up is that fact that our Fine Volunteer (yes, Volunteer, don't forget that!) Fire Department has a wonderful new Fire Truck thanks to all of the hard work they put into serving the community, and the wives and craftsmen who donate goods for the fundraising efforts...And thanks to ALL of you who support them. Please continue to do so.
Now, I happen to know there are plenty of Jolly Ranchers and Dum-Dums still available. And, if you wish, you can go to the White House or Congress to see which is which...But I think we know.

You are a beautiful and graceful community. Special thanks to the Imperial BBQ King and his devoted Queen for the entertainment and for the indigestion my DEAR HUSBAND happily endured following. Very Generous.

And a special thank you to MY DEAR HUSBAND for the roses! I am just so dad-"BURN" lucky!

PS: Can we pitch in and get a CD player for that fire truck? Maybe we can scrap one off of GM.


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