Saturday, April 17, 2010



It is with deep sadness I must inform you that I, my very mayoral self, have been victimized by a computer hacker. It started with a false email sent to me from "windows live members services team" advising me that my email account would be permantly cancelled if I did not verify and confirm pertinent information. This hacker has hijacked my email and is puported to advance his sinister ambition towards my bank account and credit card. Being the ever gulible,trusting soul that I am, I responded. Needless to say, I am among the jaded, walking wounded. 

However, I persevere.  Despite the impending demise of my stint as Mayor of Chappell Hill, and I do hope you all donate generously to the CHVFD for the cause, I will continue to provide you with humorous, if not sometimes meaningless entertainment.

From here forth, you may reach me at this email address: And the blog is still virginal and remains the same: However, once I am de-throned, That address may have to be changed. 

Unless, of course, there emerges a ground-swelling, grass-roots, tea party movement to invite me to a second term. (HINT-HINT)!

The Bluebonnet Festival was, by all accounts, a huge success! And the vendors, patrons and wildflowers did not disappoint! Hot dogs, Kettle Corn, Lemonade...I was puffed up like a sea frog!

Also, I must add, the Kingfisher Ranch provided an additional festival of perfect proportion. My DEAR HUSBAND and I participated in the armadillo race (of course I won, despite DEAR HUSBAND'S attempt to sabbotage and cripple my armadillo).  
I passed on Larry the Camel Guy ride, DEAR HUSBAND took a wild spin at break-neck speed on the souped-up, tricked-out ATV with His Most Gracious Former Royal Air Force Pilot, Sir Roger Imm and the curtain call was the indelible sight of Sir Imm spiraling his airboat across the    place. It made me so nervous, I feared I might hurl my BBQ sandwich. But the MOST PLEASUARBLE Mrs. Paula Imm, said, "Ah! That's nothin'...He was one of the first pilots on the scene after the twin towers fell and landed on practically nothing but rubble!"

If you don't already know these folks, do so. Amazing, interesting people. Part of the reason our MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE is so fascinating! And a great place to live and breathe freely.



Friday, April 9, 2010


Fellow villagers:

The time is nye. Festivals, picnics, tourists brandishing cameras and BLUEBONNETS!!!! Reach deeply into your compassionate hearts for the sadly overlooked and mostly disregarded Indian Paint Brushes; always the bridesmaid, never the bride but most beautiful,and this year we have extra.

 Also in the air, is a bumper crop of, streets are covered with it and I have yet to have a conversation with anyone that's not interrupted by a few sneezes, a scratchy throat and watering eyes. I, myself, suffered severely swollen, watery, itchy eyes after an afternoon tending my garden, horses, goats, donkeys, cats and dogs. I looked like I'd been in a prize fight and didn't win the purse nor the belt. Fashionably disastrous!

 The good news is that folks are out and about in this lovely weather and enjoying our MOST  WONDERFUL VILLAGE.  Our Beloved CHAPPELL HILL CAFE will be buzzing, tending most cheerfully to the vast array of visitors, from bikers to beat-nicks, cowboys to cheerleaders and the unknown masses sporting jeweled flip-flops and wheeled suitcases to ferry their chosen arty-facts from the festival to the mini-van. And then back again.

Our dear friend Mike will have to do double time to crank out enough "Teckla Original" sausage. But don't feel sorry for him, he loves it and his most beautiful wife, Emily, will be there ever at his side with a sharp eye and focus on customer satisfaction

 Also in the air, love. Our stallion, Moose, is loose and back with his 'wimmin',  Amadeus "Goat-zart" is back out courting his herd of girly-goats. The mares are foaling precious babies, six or seven so far. My DEAR HUSBAND even has a small glint in his eye!

 The only draw-back is my cat, Sweet Melissa, who is also effervescing in the season of love and keeps me up at night with her caterwauling plea for a mate.


Enjoy this wonderful weekend at the festivals, the gatherings, the cafe...because, trust me on this, we'll be bitchin' in August!