Saturday, August 21, 2010


At the risk of dating myself, I am reminded of and old hit by the Fantasics. With appologies to the group, it went something like this:

Try to remember
The end of September
When we were young
And love was tender

Try to remember
And if you remember 
I was just a callow fellow 
and life was mellow...."

Something like that anyway...but with a little poetic license I suggest we try to remember upcoming November! Life is certainly not mellow nor tender and there's no shortage of callow fellows in D.C.. But a great decision we must render. The Guvmint has been running amock like a bunch of crack-house rats caught in a maze of their own making, scrambling to steal that last piece of by now smelly cheese that was once the American Dream, Land of Opportunity, you know, Liberty and Justice for All and all that Tumbleweed stuff.

House and Senate could be on the rails and the fever of the Tea Party is still rising and looming large, rattling the cages of the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Dodd, Bayh (or is it Bayh-Bayh?) and that woman from Arkansas whose name, among others, escapes me.But really, they have so much left to do with these baseball pitchers and and players and this whole steroid issue. If they have have time, maybe they can grill Tiger Woods over the coals as well. Your tax dollars at work folks! Used to be it was "throw back the little ones and pan-fry the big ones". Hmm.

And hopefully, eventually, the head chef at the White House will be polishing up his recipe for humble pie; although I can only visualize somebody trying to push a bite of the pie into the apprpriate mouths as they sit there, lips stubbornly persed and heads darting side to side to avoid the fork.

Or, rather, we could follow our illustrious Fair First Lady and just go to Spain! (Okay, so she's notexactly, technically "fair...but since when has that had anything to do with anything...kinda like actual citizenship).
After all, "the rain in Spain stays mainly on the PLANE!" Presidential plane that is! Surely the taxpayers won't mind another international jaunt on their dime, so long as we appologize on behalf of America for the error of its ways. We got some 'Spainin to do Lucy! Hey! gotta a robe and a ring and some unpronounceable name/title? Well, shoot bang, let me just get down here and bow and fondly stroll with you, hand in hand, through the devilment of the world.

One place we do need to go is to the polls in November and try to get this thing out of the ditch. Forget the Dems and Repubs, the donkey and elephant...what we need is an Ox! Hey! that would be a great mascot for the Constitutionalists and the Tea Party! A big strong Ox tp pull us out of the mire. We can at least try with our vote before that right is vaporized as well.

My beloved grandfather crawled out of a prison camp in Bataan during WWII, emaciated and terribley inferm with malaria. He survived and ws commisioned inthe field as Lt. Col. He used to sit in his favorite chair with a stoic calmness about him. As kids, we used to get up on his lap and try to get him to smile. He tried hard not to but his eyes always gave him away with a twinkle. Once we got him to smile, we devilishly double-crossed him and began a long if not potentially endless lament of all our troubles; how wrong life had been to us and slighted we felt. "So unfair!!" we wailed through crocodile tears, snickering under our breath all the while. He was on to us and in our mock disbeleif that he didn't care whatsoever, his reply was always the same. "You can't fall out of a basement window."

Dare I say this country and our Constitution are most definitely in the basement. The only way out is the voting ballot. Make this a November to Remember. Buckle up, its gonna be a bumpy ride!


I'll be around.
The Ex.