Sunday, June 6, 2010




By now, I'm sure the news has cozied up to your ears and you are aware that I am no longer the Mayor of Chappell Hill. (Never fear, there's a twelve step program out there somewhere to help with the withdrawl).
However, I am most pleased and delighted by my succesor:

She sports a vast resume, including President of the Chappell Hill Chamber of Commerce, high-up in the Historical Society, a prof at TAMU teaching teachers how to teach Aggies (a daunting task, to be sure, but that's just the Longhorn in me...). She's dear person with a impish smile and a tireless spirit.

Just before the bidding began and the folding chairs had finally stopped squealing across the floor to find their spot for the evening, a felt a little tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Mary Tom, twinkle in her eye and a friendly smile and she said to me,"I'm bidding against you, just so you know". Kinda like being warned by Glenda, The Good Witch of the South, smooth as silk, but very serious. I'm thinkin' "Bring it on!".

I made my way to the podium and thanked the Fire Fighters,collectively and individually, and had these fine men stand in front of the podium facing the crowd. I gave my speech and at the shank said it was only proper the CHVFD have a mascot Dalmation Dawg to ride along. Chief began to sweat. Folks were lookin' around in great anticipation. So I asked, "In whose trustworthy hands may I place this precious mascot Dawg?". For fear of dragging the mystery out too long, I revealed the Dalmation Dawg; a mini-BeanieBaby Dalmation Dawg that will ride the dashboard in the new engine to keep our guys safe. Chief was relieved it wasn't a real Dalmation, but I had 'em goin' for a while.

Auctioneer lit up like a Christmas tree! It became readily apparent that my friend MTM was committed to this effort and her eyes literally had flames in them! Ready to leap out of my folding chair with my bidding paddle,MY DEAR HUSBAND tugged my skirt and pulled me off the track, dousing, extinguishing my competitive spirit. I stitched my lips together and sat on my hands. Just to be sure, MY DEAR HUSBAND would not turn a-lose of  my skirt; that may have been an overture of a different kind, but I digress. The crowd got fired up and we all got behind MTM and cheered her on!

Once again, the gavel fell and a new Mayor was born.  On the way home, I dabbed a tear and was all calf-eyed for a while, but yet I am pleased for MTM. She really wanted it and everybody deserves their moment in the sun! (Remind her of that at the 4th of July parade!) Expect great things from your new Mayor. I, of course, am awaiting my appointment, purely an advisory position of course, to help with protocol etc... such as how to most gracefully board the big fire truck in the blazing July heat for the parade and so on.

The cook-off was a big success, biggest turn out for contestants ever! I was a judge on the BBQ ribs challenge.21 samples! Now, I'm not one to turn down a good rack of ribs too often, but if I don't see one again any time soon, its okay. My colon was swollen.

Moving on to Memorial Day weekend: Big shout-out to Kathy and Clay Parker for their incredible open house celebration! Outstanding food, breath-taking home and collections. Truly a special place. The Parkers are perfect hosts and not surprisiingly, their beautiful home was filled with happy, friendly, familiar faces. Another reminder of just how lucky we are to live in our MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE.

Yes, it's true; I was sad to see the Mayor's hat go; but as they say,"to everything, there is a season". 

Like a grief-stricken widow, I sorted through my keepsakes and came upon my original hat. The Crab Hat. Born under the sign of Cancer the Crab and the simple fact that My Dear Husband can attest to my most rare and infrequent tendancy to being quite crabby, I surmised that now, with that lickity-split, oopsy-daisy oil spill in the gulf, I figure this hat will only increase in value due to the inevitable sky-rocketing price of sea food. The crab hat is not for sale, nor are the opinions expressed by the head that donns it. It is inarguable. Look forward to the "long arm of the claw". Don't let the crab-grass grow under your feet!

The OL' Gray "Mayor" She Ain't What She Used To Be, but she is in sole possesion of the coveted Crab Hat.

(Bidding opens at $2,500)


I'll be around.