Monday, November 16, 2009


Now, I've been around a while. I've seen things I can't even begin to describe. But here now, I am flat out struck back and am truly considering that the collective insanity going on is my cue to exit.

EXHIBIT 1: There is actually a movement to re-invent the dinosaurs, by way of the supposed genetic creatures, found through DNA, with chickens.

First off, we are a Village of People Respecting Chickens. I would prefer that they not be scientifically morphed into Dinosaurs. Imagine the horror of the sweet Main Street Chickens, for which we all paused as they crossed, turned into repro-dinos! Not Happy!

They say they can alter the chicken gene to avail them to larger claws and a substantial tail; larger teeth and a most unpleasant nature. Talk about FOWL PLAY!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but might we consider:

Are these DYNO-MITE Chickens/Dinosaurs gonna eat us and our little pets, or can we get creative and figure out how to BBQ these queer beasts.

Think of the crossing signs on Main Street; CAUTION: DYNO-CHICKEN CROSSING. And God help the poor soul hired to feed these creatures. You'll have to search far and wide to find a Vet to tend these beasts. What if they multiply? Who will risk their life to neuter such a creature?

This is a mistake. And folks need to stop monkeyin' around with this kind of thing.

What's next? Bringing the dead back to life? No.

Let sleeping Dinosaurs lie. And leave those poor chickens alone. It's like " Here Chicky -Chicky, Come meet Herman, your Monster, He's gonna change your life!"

I'm square out going vegetarian.



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  1. When they do the dino-chickens maybe they will have a retro active memory and remember all those Fowl Drivers who ran over their relatives in the first place.....Hopefully they would and chase them down the 1155.....Now THAT would be fun to see......Chickens bigger than the CARS!!!